Activity FAQ

Activity FAQ

Fun, entertaining, and lively activities are a big part of Atlanta Streets Alive. We depend on businesses and organizations to host activities that promote movement and engage participants. Hosting an activity gives your organization a chance to be out in the community, gain exposure and have fun doing it. We do not allow basic tabling and handing out of information. Your participation is based on your activation! 

There are two ways to be involved depending on your business and location - Activity Partner and Route Host. Please read this FAQ before registering your activity - hopefully, it will answer any questions you have.

What if my business is on or near the route?


If your business/organization/nonprofit is directly on the route or no more than a block away you are considered a Route Host. Sign up here!  As a business owner, you are encouraged to extend your business out to the street in front of your business. For those a block away, you would set up on the route as close to your business as possible. Many businesses have reported increased sales during Atlanta Streets Alive, due to increased foot traffic and visibility. You can keep doing what you have, but an even more successful approach is to set up an activity in front of your store to bring in participants! We have a form you can fill out to be included on our interactive map.

Shops and restaurants: set up dining chair and have an area for people to eat and drink(Drinks may not be provided in to-go cups. We are not permitted for alcohol.), bring out store items to sell, offer a discount, or update your sandwich board welcoming ASA participants, offer a water station, temporary bike parking

Nonprofits/Churches: Provide an activity that has a connection to your organization, kid's games, a church tour, open up restrooms to participants, offer a water station, giveaways. temporary bike parking

Health/Fitness/Gyms: one of our four pillars is Health so this is a perfect fit! Provide a few free modified classes in the street - yoga, zumba

Photo examples of activation:


How can my business/organization get involved even though we aren't on the route?


If you are a non-profit or business that fits into one of our Four Pillars - Health, Transportation Options, Civic Pride, or Living Streets - you are welcome to apply. The best activities are those that creatively represent your business or organization while involving participants. For example, a gym might host workouts or fitness challenges. A dance group could give short lessons. A clothing store may put on a fashion show. We’ve even had a self-storage facility create a cardboard box maze for kids! Sometimes activity partners are just individuals who want to share their passion for an activity, such as slacklining or hula hooping.

We have a form you must fill out to participate and to be included on our activity map.

Check out some photos of activation examples!


Is there a vendor or food truck application?


The emphasis of Atlanta Streets Alive is activity, and activity partners are discouraged from selling goods or providing paid services along the route. The lack of street vending and support for local businesses is part of what sets Atlanta Streets Alive apart. If you are a vendor, you may take this opportunity to set up a fun activity and make contacts. But please do not vend. Please note: businesses that are located on the route are allowed to sell as usual.

Some businesses will partner with food trucks in certain areas where there aren't many food options, but this is organized and managed by Route Hosts (businesses along the route). 

What will be provided to Activity Partners and Route Hosts


Atlanta Bicycle Coalition Provides:

  • The street closure + all operations and logistics
  • Media Kit - with graphics, photos, and promotional materials
  • Interactive Map - which shows where your activity is located and includes your website and social links
  • ASA Radio - Bring speakers or tune your businesses speakers to our live DJ - learn more at

You must provide:

  • tables, chairs, tents
  • Power: If your activity requires electricity we encourage you to reach out to businesses along the route ahead of time to see if you will be able to use their power. If your activity needs to be set up near a specific business because you already have the business owner's permission to use their power, please note it in the application. If you are a nonprofit the Atlanta Community Toolbank has generators you can rent at a reasonable price

Where will water and restrooms be located?


Port-a-potties and water stations are spread out along the route and can be found on the Activity Map. We also coordinate with businesses along the route to provide these services. This is a great way to attract people to your business. If you are interested in providing this service please note in your application.  

Where can I park?


You may park on streets where parking is allowed outside of the route, but be mindful of all "No Parking" and "Residents Only" signs. Please avoid parking inside the route to be courteous of the residents who already have limited parking.

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