Atlanta Streets Alive Radio


atlanta streets alive radio

Ready to play the funky, Atlanta Streets Alive Radio (ASARadio) feed? Whether you're
an individual just wanting to groove while riding the route, or a business looking to liven
up your establishment during Atlanta Streets Alive, ASARadio is for you! Check out the
steps below and get ready to rock.

How can I play the station?

I have a computer, tablet or phone that plays music...

Easily access our live stream by going to (live during
Atlanta Streets Alive.) Do a sound check by making sure you can hear audio from this page Open the link, click the orange play button.

Want to streamline the experience and speaker set-up for your location?! Contact
us to rent a speaker/wifi package.

Email [email protected]

What kind of music can I expect to hear?

We will be playing a family friendly mix of funky global sounds. What does that mean?
Take a listen to a live set from Atlanta Streets Alive here.

Who's the genius behind this?

Mike Zarin of Zegi is the mastermind behind ASARadio; find him spinning and
streaming live at Atlanta Streets Alive.


If you are having trouble accessing the website or playing the test stream, please email
us at [email protected].

an initiative of the Atlanta Department of Transportation with support by Propel ATL and the Atlanta community.