FAQ (Updated for 2020)

FAQ (Updated for 2020 program hiatus)

Will there be an Atlanta Streets Alive this year?


Unfortunately, due to the covid-19 pandemic and the City of Atlanta's reopening plan, we were unable to host Atlanta Streets Alive in 2020 or 2021. We miss it! When circumstances allow for a safe open streets experience, we are looking forward to experiencing car-free streets again. Until then, stay tuned and make sure you are on our email newsletter list and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

When will the next Atlanta Streets Alive take place?


Since 2019 we've been planning a special celebration of 10 years and a path forward: a month-long pilot with weekly open streets. We're still working on that concept and hope to have news for you soon.

How many Atlanta Streets Alive activations will there be?


For the last few years we have moved our program around the city and organized three to four open streets demonstrations within a year, each taking place on a Sunday in varying months. When circumstances allow for a safe open streets experience, our plan for the next iteration of Atlanta Streets Alive is to introduce a higher frequency format with a 4 to 5-week pilot occurring along the same street every week.

Where will Atlanta Streets Alive occur? What's the reasoning behind this decision?


In order to execute a weekly pilot, we are choosing to focus on Peachtree Street for a number of reasons. Peachtree is in the heart of our city and links two of Atlanta's densest neighborhoods together -- Downtown and Midtown. Peachtree Street is also where our city’s momentum towards more sustainable modes of transportation is most visible. This corridor is where there’s a distinct opportunity for Atlanta Streets Alive to build on public enthusiasm for open streets and further establish sustainable transportation as an essential part of our city’s daily life and infrastructure.

Not only is there momentum, but strong support through partners like Central Atlanta Progress, Midtown Alliance, South Downtown, and Colony Square as well as a large concentration of retail businesses and restaurants -- all accessible by multiple modes of sustainable transportation.

an initiative of the Atlanta Department of Transportation with support by Propel ATL and the Atlanta community.