Crosswalk Heroes: October 2016 Route


Crosswalk Heroes support Atlanta Streets Alive by making sure all participants are following the rules of the road, as well as by answering questions about the route and the day's activities. Crosswalk Heroes are strategically positioned at main pedestrian crossing points and at any hazards along the route to aid participants with navigating the route safely. Duties may include the following:

  • Maintain position at designated pedestrian crossing point
  • Aid participants in crossing the route safely where cars are able to cross
  • Provide overall event information (i.e. times, what is ASA, why, how, etc.)
  • Help guide ASA participants to key areas of the route (i.e. restrooms, water stations)
  • May be cross-trained to support other volunteer roles
  • Ensure participants are following the rules of the road and reminding them that the streets belong to all of us, on wheels or on foot.

We'll provide flags, vest, signs and foam stop hands.


  • Minimum Age: 16
  • Knowledge: Familiarity with area cross-streets, businesses and Atlanta Streets Alive; prior experience volunteering for Atlanta Streets Alive is required for Lead position
  • Orientation: Strongly encouraged; required for Crosswalk Hero Lead role
  • Shifts: Select from three shifts, full-day or one of two four-hour shifts; Crosswalk Hero Lead role is a full-day shift

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